HID ActivIdentity

Identity assurance solutions

HID Identity Assurance Solutions enable customers to prove and establish trust in a person’s identity when accessing resources on the network. The business’s strong authentication and smart card solutions are relied upon by more agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, than any other provider, and has issued more than 100 million credentials to enterprise, government and commerce customers. The Identity Assurance Solutions Business (formerly ActivIdentity) is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California

ActivIdentity customers experience multiple benefits including increased network security, protection against identity theft and online fraud, enhanced workforce productivity, business process efficiencies, and regulatory compliance.

ActivIdentity® solutions include Smart Employee ID, Enterprise Single Sign On, Strong Authentication, Secure Information and Transactions, and Smart Citizen ID. ActivIdentity products include SecureLogin® SSO, ActivClient™ smart card middleware, ActivID™ Card Management System, 4TRESS™ AAA Server, one-time password (OTP) tokens, and ActivKey™ USB tokens.

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